April 29, 2012

may button swap!

oh hello!
how are all of you gorgeous people?
this weekend was short, but very sweet. 

april totally flew by (it seems like every month does these days!) i am so ready for may.
there are so many fun things to look forward to this month.
i've got a few fun & exciting things coming up on my blog in may as well ♥

if you're interested in doing a button swap for the month of may - please email me!
i will be spreading an extra amount of joy & love this month!

ps ; anyone have any advice on learning some basics when it comes to coding/re-sizing buttons? i am so bad with that stuff & people have asked for different sized buttons and i am so clueless!



  1. You could make different size buttons on photoshop (by resizing the whole image to a specific width or height, making brand new ones, etc.)
    But what I've just learned is a good way to do it - is to simply add a width specification to the image code. So it's normally (img src="image url") but you'd add width="100px" within what would be triangle brackets but I am using parentheses for this haha (also assuming you want it to be 100 pixels wide :P that can obviously be changed by whatever size you want! That makes it so that if it's a bigger image, it gets sized down and shows up more nicely on bigger computer screens!!

    That's how I would do it anyway :) sorry if that was unclear or made no sense, that got pretty wordy aha :S !!
    I'm going to email you about buttons!

  2. Hey. I sent you an e mail about the button swap. Not sure if you got it.

  3. That's amazing idea!!!
    I'm following you, return love back maybe?


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