May 25, 2012

all smiles.

tgif x 1000
ok, so i took my vlog off because it's totally messed! haha, carly after i read your comment i watch a bit & it was never like that before. wtf? i will try to find out what happened and then re-post it maybe..
i'm so excited for this weekend (!!!)
here's why ;;

♥ tonight our friend from the ship is coming to visit!
♥ we're going to catch up and drink dark & stormy's
♥ tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful weather!
♥ going to blogpodium! meeting awesome blogger pals
♥ + dinner&drinks&dancing afterwards
♥ distillery art market on sunday! :)
have a wicked awesome weekend.


  1. Wooo!! I did, I did have a wicked awesome weekend. Miss you alreadyyyyy

  2. Jules I thought the blog u looked like the movie peppy long stalking where the lips don't match the But thx for replying to me& I watched the whole thing! Hehe ;)


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