May 2, 2012

all the way may!

oh hi may!
i sound like a broken record but, wow another month flew by fast. april was here and then it was gone, and now i'm all "wassup spring?" although, i must admit - it's still not very spring like here in toronto. i think it's coming though! april was a great month, and life is damn GOOD.
also, april was my most viewed month since i started my blog :) so exciting! i know it's not a lot to most people but almost 6000 page views last month!
may is already looking amazinggg, especially for my blog. i have so many fun things to share with you this month, and some new sponsors that i'm really excited about too!(if i owe you an email, it's coming tonight! i promise :)

&& the amazing k from kitty snooks created this amazing list for my I LOVE YOU project ♥ - she is so adorable and so is her blog. check her out if you haven't already! and if you're joining me then print one out! & if you're not....then start (lolz) -- the i love you project is a month long mission to spread love to all the amazing people in your life! (read the post below!) just say i love you every day, it's as simple as that ♥ :

i don't think i am going to post monthly goals this month - i have a few but it's going to be another very busy month annnnd i really gotta get going on my 27 before 28 list!
things to look forward to in the month of may

♥ this weekend // pete's birthday weekend! hosting cinco de mayo themed party
♥ second weekend in may : bff sleepover/drew barrymore movie marathon, visiting my mom for the weekend, mother's day, celebrating my dad's life as it's been almost 10 year since we lost him.
♥ toronto adventures!
blogpodium! :) getting to meet so many amazing bloggers from the toronto area :) i am so excited about this. i think i need to dedicate a post specifically to it!
♥ may 2-4 weekend - first cottage long weekend of the summer baby!

i have lots of fun blog posts planned for may!
are you guys excited for this month?


  1. Sounds like you have an awesome month planned! I'm soooooooooo pumped for the 26th!! EEE!!!


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