May 8, 2012

happy vacation spots : part one, seattle!

Happy Tuesday.
I've wanted to start a new feature about travel for a while now, since I love it so much!
I've done quite a bit of travelling so far in my life && I am so excited for more.
We're just waiting on a few things before booking our trip to Europe in August (squeel)
♥♥ .Seattle. ♥♥
The first ever contract I did on the cruise ship, we sailed out of Seattle, going to Alaska.
I fell in love with Seattle from the first day I went there, it's such a lively city and totally wonderful. We spent every Saturday there for over 4 months, so i felt like I got to see quite a bit of it. Something kind of funny is that Seattle is known for being a rainy city and I think it only rained once out of all the times I visited. I guess I just brought the sunshine ;)
I am so in love with Pike Place Market - eeee! So many amazing hand made vendors, fresh fruits and vegetables, and the cutest souvenirs. Close to the market there are tons of great restaurants, book stores and shops. Oooh just thinking of it makes me want to go back. Once I signed off the ship I stayed in Seattle for a few days with my bro Dave to do some fun touristy things (space needle, ride the duck etc!) - The first ever Starbucks is in the market too. Sweet! My favourite thing to do while spending the day in Seattle was walk to the market, buy some cherries (or fresh fruit) and sit in the park in the sunshine. Absolutely perfect!
I definitely recommend it for a happy & enjoyable vacation spot. When Pete and I go to Vancouver to visit family and friends, we are hoping to go to Seattle for a few days too! Can't wait to go back.
Have you even been? :)

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  1. Looks Fun! I'd love to go there! I love farmers type market places, it seems like it'd be like San fransico :)

  2. are you coming in europe?when and where? :))

  3. Ooh I want to visit Seattle SO badly!! That's awesome that you got to spend so much time there! & a cruise ship that goes from Seattle to Alaska sounds amazing!

    Great new feature, Jules! :)

  4. Love reading your blog, it's great! I'm a new follower and it would be great if you could follow back. Thanks!

  5. Your happiness posts are so inspiring!! We need more bloggers like you in the world!

    XO Jenna


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