May 6, 2012

hbd bb.

today is such a special day!
it's my boyfriend pete's birthdayyyy hearts;
i love birthdays, just another reason to spoil people you love (one of my favourite things to do)
i've spent the last few weeks planning pete's birthday party, that we had last night! (so fun!) && finding the most perfect presents for my main squeeze.
right now we're doing pete's favourite thing - watching soccer! man united!
we went for a walk this morning, and i made breakfast...after footy pete will open his presents and then we are heading to the beach for a picnic! it's absolutely gorgeous in toronto right now ♥
just wanted to gush a bit. sorry but i can't help it!

hope you all have the most perfect sunday
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Hope it's a lovely day for you, darling! I love celebrating birthdays too, i spend forever finding perfect presents for people :)

    1. thanks kate my love! isn't it the best? always fun to make birthdays special! xo

  2. Aww, sweet! I'm sure he had a wonderful birthday with you! :)


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