May 4, 2012

my current to-do list! busy bee!

my current to-do list :
1] make more mustache straws
2] write message on chalk board
3] decorate apartment for party!
4] bake cupcakes & cookies :)
5] get instax mini film
6] buy more margarita mix
7] make salsa & guacamole
8] finish party playlist
9] cut up lemons (for tequila shots!)
10] paint nails
11] go grocery shopping
12] take a break & get a half off frapp from starbucks:)

phew. ok, let's do this! here i go...
so, what are you guys currently up to?


    That's killer for the staff. We prepare extra of all our mixes before it at my store! It's fun to see people all excited though, livens it up a bit hahaa :3

    Well I was working. At Sbucks. But not for frappy hour today thank goodness!! Now I'm resting before I see friends tonight, yay!
    Have a great party tonight ;)

  2. Currently in Starbucks sippin' on a Macho Coconut Frapp. It's like an Almond Joy in a cup & I could eat it with a spoon!

    I love your post-its! I tell myself those things almost verbatim every morning!

    Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

  3. your blog is awfully cute! glad i just found it tonight. my to do list kinda sorta depresses me right now because i've been out with strep for an entire week -- photoshoots to reschedule & editorial work up the yazzz. so, actually, i probably shouldn't be on the blogosphere! but being home for the week & getting caught up, well...kinda makes me not want to go back to work ever. you feel me? xo.

  4. which frap did you get?! I wanted to try the new java chip one, but i missed the happy hour! good old latte for meee..


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