June 23, 2012

10 little things, a life update!

10 things!

1) work is crazy! i've been in my new position for a few weeks and it's a huge change of pace, a lot of new stuff but it's challenging and i love that!

2) one of my best friends just got engaged! :) eeeee! this makes FIVE engagements in the past few months. here we go again! 2013, the year of the weddings!

3) it's hot hot hot in toronto! we are going through a huge heat wave. the last 2 days haven't been quite as hot, but it's been 30+ all week! wooo-eeee

4) i think i am taking a cupcake hiatus for the rest of the summer. i've had a lot of orders lately which is amazing. but i am just too busy in the summer to take on any more orders.

5) pete & i are fully booked for every weekend of the summer!!! :) so much to look forward to!

6) we're leaving for europe in 50 days!!!!

7) the other night at a friends jewellery store opening, a girl came up to me and said she reads my blog! :) & loves it. it was so awesome! first time that has ever happened. so to the lovely girl who i met, if you're reading this - say hiiiii & thank you ♥

8) PRIDE toronto is next weekend, eeee! so many fun things going on and one of my besties is performing in a drag show that is going to be mind blowing

9) i'm super happy about what this blog has become. when people say my blog inspires them in some way or makes them happy, i feel like i've done my part! that is my goal!

10) i'm super excited about the summer cd exchange - i will be working on my mix tomorrow & to anyone i owe an email to, it's coming! as is your mix cd (if you don't know about it already, i am doing a mix cd exchange - email me! thelifeofacupcake@gmail.com)


  1. About the mix cd exchange - do we send one to EVERYONE involved, or, do we get matched up? Because I know you and I exchanged addresses but... I just don't understand the full details I guess. Email me? caraalynn@gmail. com

    Thanks Jules! xoxo

    1. hey hun! i was thinking just me and each person! i will email you right after this! SO sorry on the delay girl! i will email ya back!! promise:) - can't wait! xo

  2. I can't wait for the pride festival in Dublin next weekend. The parade is so happy and colourful!

  3. Awesome. Gah I wish Keith & I had some weddings to go to this summer! Weddings are just so much fun, haha. Maybe we'll have some in 2013. :)

    You are going to have SUCH a blast in Europe! I'm so pumped for you!

    & that's awesome that someone came up to you & recognized you from your blog! Love it!

    1. yeah weddings really are amazing! i am really looking forward to a bunch next year!

      yeyeyeye, we're so pumped for europe! :)

      it was the cutest! hehe

  4. #7 was meee! i'm glad you didn't find it creepy haha :)

    1. awww thanks so much! definitely not, it was so awesome!

  5. My best friend is about to get enganged with my best friend :)
    2013 definitely the wedding year :)

    1. isn't that the best?! so fun! can't wait to buy lots of cute dresses! xo

  6. Yay! That Is so cool
    About the girl coming up to you@ the party !!! Wow! Summer sounds crazy! Girl where do u ge your energy though? Lol ;) have a good week!


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