June 20, 2012

cupcake wednesday!

cupcakes (!!!)
i've been busy with cupcake orders this past week.
last week i did an order of 30 baby boy cupcakes for a shower,
& saturday i did 100 cupcakes for an engagement party!
tonight i have another order of 100 for a wedding that is this weekend - i am really excited about these ones because they are going to be very cute & colourful! 
here are a few photo's of the ones i made this past week.
(all pictures taken by me, via instagram @julierosschristmas)


  1. that's awesome that business is booming!!

    1. it sure is!:) i think i need to take the rest of the summer off though! it's just too much!!

  2. Man this is making me hungry for a cupcake!!

    They look amazing Jules! YUM.


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