June 26, 2012

lolz lolz lolz.

so, i'm getting there! slowly getting caught up on life & getting organized.
just going with the flow!

i keep forgetting to announce it but the winner of the BLURB BOOKS giveaway is Leila!
send me an email girly :) congrats! thelifeofacupcake@gmail.com

so, have you guys ever looked at the "search keywords" for your blog?
i was just looking at some stuff and saw these & got a kick out of them! hahahaha:)
  • easy craft hello kitty
  • feist bangs
  • cute nerd boy
  • how to make an ipod cake with cupcake headphones
  • happy summer day to everyone
  • liv tyler
  • kat von d
those are amazing! i think my favourite was "happy summer day to everyone" LOLOLOL.
cutest! xo


  1. lol.....someone once found my blog by searching "bitch rachel lyon"....bah ha ha (when I had a 'stich n bitch' feature)

  2. Bahahahaha I've had some funny ones.

    I currently have "damp spring day outfits" and "hollister girl illustration" (I only have one piece of clothing from hollister....... of all places haha!)

    I have some that make sense though, like 'sunshine tattoo'. :)

    happy summer day to everyone, totally sounds like something you'd find on your blog ;)


    1. hahahahahaha.

      it's so true, i'd totally say something like "happy summer day to everyone"


  3. Haha, I look at those keywords often, because they always make me laugh. :D


  4. no, i've never looked at mine. i don't think i want to.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)