June 9, 2012

oh haiiii girl, hey.

gloomy saturday! 

today has been a good day so far! got to have a nice little sleep in ;) && made pete breaky.
did some cleaning and organizing, got some packages ready to send for monday!
i am currently sitting in a little coffee shop, drinking a maple latte & getting caught up on some things.

i feel like i have so much to look forward to! this summer is gonna rule! ♥ ;;
+ 4 year anniversary tomorrow! [omg!]
+ cupcake orders! [ baby shower, engagement party & WEDDING!:) ]
+ going to punta cana for a week for work!
+ canada day long weekend ♥
+ visits to pete's fam
+ patio dinner & drinks with pals
+ toronto adventures
+ baseball games - let's go blue jayssss -
+ swimming at our weekend home (aka my moms place in the suburbs)
+ my 10 year high school reunion
+ my birthday
+ having the best summer ever.

what are YOU looking forward to?!


  1. I'm just happy it's the weekend! Also, I am seriously obsessed with the color scheme on your blog. I LOVE it. xoxo

    1. i hear you girl! i was SO ready for this weekend! xo - awwww thank YOU. amy made it for me and did the best job - spot on! :)

  2. congrats on the anniversary!!! :) loovee that summer list!! and YOU ARE SO SO GORGEOUS!


  3. Your blog is so cute! Love the icon of your blog too:) I've always wanted those cute ones! Come visit my blog too;) Let's follow? Thank you so much!

    Little K.

  4. You seriously have a freaking awesome summer ahead of you!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)