June 14, 2012

summer mix cd exchange!

happy thursday loves!
i thought it would be really fun to do a fun little summer project! a mix cd exchange!
i remember the days when mixed cd's were all the rage (i am old, right?)
i still love making mix cd's for people and receiving them!
i thought it would be so cool to see what songs of summer everyone else comes up with! they don't have to be about summer by any means, but just fun, happy songs that make you want to dance, smile, sing and enjoy life! now who wants to exchange one?! ;)
email me if you want to! thelifeofacupcake@gmail.com
once you email me we can exchange addresses to send the mix cd - eeee! yay!


  1. Just sent you an email, but I'm commenting here just so that you fully understand the extent of my excitedness.

    What a wonderful wonderful idea!!!
    XO Samantha

  2. I remember the days of mixed casettes!! Hahaha...when I was little I would sit by my stereo and manually record songs (start and stop) when one came onto the radio, on my cassette tape.

    Wowza, that makes me feel old. Anyway, I'd like to participate in this but I don't own any blank CDs nor do I even listen to CDs anymore :( That's kind of a sad reality isn't it? This is such a fun idea though!

  3. I will FO SHO do this! Expect an email from me! xx

  4. No worries peeps, we can all share our favorites via spotify for those who don't have the equipment to burn (you can just stream from your browser).


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)