June 17, 2012

whoa life, whoa.

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i honestly don't know how some bloggers do it! 
life has just been so busy lately that i can't seem to find time to post all the things i'd like to!
i haven't done the greatest  job keeping up with my blog calender this month because i am too busy in general. work has been super busy and i've been having something going on every night of the week, and the crazzziest weekends ever! no complaints though because i've been having so much fun!
summer is here in full force // life is REALLY good!
hoping the above print will inspire me to get organized this week & get some stuff done around our place and all the things on my giant to-do-list.
if i owe you an email, it's comin' soon promise! thanks for everyone who emailed me about the mix cd exchange - i am SO excited!


  1. Summer has been a blast for me too!!! Hope you can read my new posts when you have a chance (Hey-another thing to add to your "TO DO LIST") LOL ;)

  2. It's a good thing to be busy and use days to the fullest! :) Enjoy!


  3. You seriously have the cutest blog ever! :)

  4. Yeah, I'm just getting started with blogging and I've no clue how bloggers manage to keep their blogs so wonderful, updated, and lovely. You are doing just fine, m'dear. I'm new to this and I even I can tell.

  5. Dont worry Jules, take your time and then you'll see that one day all of the sudden you'd like to be more organised and you'll actually find the time to do it!

    P.S:Did Paul reply to your letter? :)


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