July 2, 2012

june was good! ( oh hi, july! )

peace out june!
what's upppp july?

I had an amazing && VERY busy month of June! (/ first day of July!)
So many fun things! :) - This past weekend was Toronto Pride & Canada Day! It was perfect.
(more on Pride soon!)

Since I usually take photo's of my favourite things, here are some JUNE favourites ;

hanging by my pool (at my mom's place) drinking vodka lemonades!;
hanging out with my besties during pride ;
pride toronto!! ;
loved this! rainbows everywhere ;
seeing one of my bffs kill it at a pride toronto drag show!;
basking in the sun on a saturday;
watching euro cup games with my boy ;
visiting these 2 cuties! love them! ;
random acts of kindness ;
wedding cupcake order ;
my brother's first father's day! ;
hangouts in bellwoods park! ;
celebrating 4 years with my main ;
engagement cupcake order ;
hangs with pals + rainbows;


  1. julie, you did have a fantastic month! my fave pics are "by different if you mean awesome," your brother's first father's day, & you & pete celebrating 4 yrs. :)

  2. Lovely photos as always! :D xxx

  3. These are lovely photos! I can't believe it's July already!!

  4. Looks like a wonderful June! May your July be just as fun and lively.

  5. Happy Canada day! Love the maple leaf cups with the flags!!

  6. A guy I know from Canada told me that a couple got married in the Toronto pride parade! apparently they were crying <3 I thought that was so cute. I really want to go to Toronto pride in 2014, I hear they're hosting world pride :D

  7. Is that hot pink dip dye and feather extensions? Amazing!

  8. Love this! Jules I may have to borrow your "Favorite posts" idea soon ;)


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