July 31, 2012

on feeling old :

so, i'm gonna get real for a minute here!
(i'm always real, but that seemed like the appropriate line to use there)
lately, i've been feeling really old. ahhh, i know. i know. it's so bad! 
my 28th birthday is less than 2 weeks away, and for the first time ever, i am actually feeling old.
i feel like the way i live my life is not necessarily considered the norm to a lot of people my age. i in no way feel like i need to be married, with a house and a dog, and a baby. i know that's not for me (right now) and i do stand by that. but... for some reason, lately i've been stressing out about the fact that it seems like i am the last one out of all my friends to get married, or move to the suburbs, or have a kid. i guess i just need to remind myself that it's my life and i live it in a way that makes me happy! right?

a seriously amazing person reminded me this week that age is just a number and i should just act the age i feel! and that doesn't mean i will act 18! (lolz) but i feel young, i feel fucking great! so i
i know i need to just snap out of this phase and remember what makes me smile :)
and perhaps it took venting to do so? hahaha! 

i feel like i've done a lot in my life so far! and there are so many more things i want to do! so much more i want to learn, so many places i want to see, people i want to meet, goals i want to achieve.
and this me confirming that i will continue to make that happen! kguys, good talk. thank you!



  1. I love this post, very honest. I kind of know how you feel. I turn 30 next month and some how I just can't quite believe it. After spending my 20s travelling, working in bars/ cafes and managing a couple of degrees at University in between, I really don't feel like I am where I'm 'supposed to be' at this age! One thing is for sure though, I had a hell of a lot of fun living my life and exploring the world whilst many of my old friends buckled down and got tied up with mortgages etc. No regrets I say! Adorable photo by the way :)

  2. Great post! Remember its your life! Don't compare yourself.


  3. My Nana is 68 and says she still has to remind herself she's not 16! I think by the time you get to that age, you'll be able to look back and be much happier and more content that you followed your own path. x

  4. hey julie...
    i know exactly how you feel! being 32 (!) most of my friends are married with kids now (literally more than one kid!). obvs matty and i are not. i am much closer to wanting those things now, but i didn't really get there till last year. i really enjoyed my twenties and can't say i have any regrets. i am SO glad i didn't rush into anything i wasn't ready for. its worth taking your time, enjoying all the wonderful things in your brilliantly busy life. And when you do feel ready to "settle" whatever that means, you won't regret enjoying doing everything you want/makes you happy right now.

    so all of that to say, its likely pretty normal to feel the way your are (i've had the same feelings) and hopefully after a good vent you are back to that fabulous self that is julie ross christmas!

  5. You know what, if you WANT to move to the suburbs, then go for it. I mean, if that's really what you want lulz...
    But by the sounds of it you don't want that and you like the city and living life the way you are! So, I mean, it seems you've already made your decision to keep at it but, KEEP AT IT! Hahahaha

    ps. I sent you an email ;) I think you'll like!
    pps. You rock.


  6. I related to this post so much. Not because I feel old but because often I too have compared my life to my colleagues and felt that I wasn't where I needed to be. But I realized that hey, what is right for them is not necessarily what's right for me. Live life for YOU and do what makes YOU happy. Thanks for sharing these thoughts and letting us know that you we are not alone! It means a lot.

    Mia <3


  7. Also remember Julie, that I guarantee that a bunch of your 'grown up friends' (married, with kids, etc) see photos of you going out and living your life the way only YOU want to (not by the rules of anyone else) and travelling, etc and are jealous of that...GUARANTEED!

    So you're right...live your life by your rules. I also did a blog post about this just the other day. You're happy with your life and that's all that matters...doesn't matter what anyone else is doing.

  8. I agree with what you say; age is but a number. Just like grades are just a letter; getting a C doesn't mean you aren't smart! When I am older, I think it will be funny to celebrate my first 28th birthday, and the next year, celebrate my second 28th birthday! :D

  9. julie, you rock, just the way you are!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)