August 3, 2012

BRB, life.

my babygirl carly (miss teacups) just posted this && oh damn, i'm in!
the past few weeks (months maybe?) my life has been straight busyyyy girl(s)
between my new position at work, and my dominican trip & europe trip - i have no spare time!
tonight is the first night in a while that i've had some time to relax, get caught up on life, make lists and! hooray! - this weekend i'm staying in the city, and that excites me so :)

things to be seriously stoked for right now :
- life!
- getting my hair done tomorrow :]
- black keys + the shins concert with wicked awesome people tomorrow night!
- kensington market on sunday
- prepping crafts & treat bags for my work conference
- long weekend (!!!)
- hangin' with chantal&steve
- birthday shindig next friday!
- my high school reunion! (wtf)
- my birthday

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  1. I love how positive you are, it always brightens my day! X


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