August 29, 2012

september love.

september ♥

ooooh, wow. summer really did fly by, didn't it? i can't believe it's almost september!
i really love september. it's one of my favourite months. it's always kind of symbolized new beginnings, and a fresh start! and although it's been a long time since september meant back to school, i still like to think of it the start to something new and wonderful.
this september i am looking forward to a lot of things. the weather, getting back on track with life, relaxing, drinking tea, blogging, catching up with friends, getting creative, getting active!, eating healthy, spending time with amazing people in my life.

i have big plans for september on my blog
+ introducing cute toronto, street style! a new fashion segment on my blog
+ series of europe posts! :)
+ new sponsors & guest posts
+ instagram photo a day challenge made by me (so much cute!)
+ wonderful, fun filled blog posts!
+ monthly goals

if you're interested in sponsoring the life of a cupcake, or guest posting then please send me an email!

september, i am so ready for you baby.


  1. Fall is my favorite time of year, so I can't wait for September!

  2. My favorite season is fall and month October so I can't wait for September to fly by. Love that pic of you.


  3. Your positivity is so infectious, I want to start afresh now and look forward to the upcoming months :D X


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