September 18, 2012

autumn LOVE!:)

autumn love
so, i think we can all agree that we ADORE autumn!
it's a very loved season for *S0* many reasons!
& that's where you come in...
i want to do a "autumn love" series on my blog!:)
i'm looking for darling bloggers to do a guest post on my blog in the month of october!!! looking for fellow autumn lovers to blog about this amazing season! your post can be about anything you'd like, as long as it has to do with autumn!
perhaps, such as :
+ leaves +
+ fashion +
+ arts & crafts +
+ recipe +
+ pumpkins +
+ scarves & toques +
+ fancy coffee +
+ autumn activities +

i would love to have you on board!
please send me an email if you're interested :

1 comment:

  1. Girl you KNOW I'm in...I need a reason to keep blabbing about autumn since I freaking love it SO much!!

    Today was perfectttt, eh?


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