September 9, 2012

bearded babes.

seems as though it's time to do a "i love my boyfriend" post (sorry!)
it's legit insane to me that pete & i have been together for almost 4 & a half years!
time flies when you're in love (or something like that)

while in europe, we both admired everyone and their amazing style, but to be honest, pete was cuter than them all! i snapped this shot of pete in london when he went to sit outside and have a coffee while i shopped for fucking cute knick knacks. we've got a good system going on here!

anyway, this is me just saying i am thankful for this sweet babe and all he is.


  1. bahahaha I totally LOLed at "fucking cute knick knacks." You're cute.

  2. hehe, and if he was cuter than all those european boys - damn! Must be a cutie! (Is, is a cutie. This pic is adorbs)


  3. Pete IS a babe...and a really nice guy...and super funny! You've got yourself a good one miss! I was happy to meet him and see that he deserved 'Julie Ross' (it takes a lot!) so that was awesome! Haha. Beards always Mikey's beard!

    1. it's true, he's the best catch! don't know how i scored him!!!

      you're so cuuuute.

      and yes BEARDS, all day every day.


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