September 9, 2012


happy sunday! my favourite day of the week (yee!)
i had a long&busy week and my weekend has been totally wonderful so far :)
i wanted to post my photo's so far from my instagram "cute september photo a day"
i'm having so much fun doing this and i LOVELOVELOVE seeing everyone else's pictures! it's so awesome how many people are participating! :) if you're not yet in on it, it's not too late to join! just start today!!! ♥

day 1 : smile!

day 2 : nails!

day 3 : something sweet!

day 4 : your outfit today!

day 5 : coffee! or tea!

day 6 : sparkles!

day 7 : your bff!

day 8 : polka dots!

happy sunday my loves!


  1. I just stumbled over your blog! Its absolutely lovely! You're beautiful!

    Follow me back? :)

    xx Emily

  2. Man I totally suck at keeping up with these, haha. I probably should get data on my phone againnnnn...

  3. I love this ! I'll try and do the one for today

  4. Your niece is adorable! I have six little cousins that I absolutely love!


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