September 17, 2012

cutest birthday baby.

today is my niece ivy's 1st birthday (!!!!!)
as most of you know, i am a very proud auntie to the cutest babygirl in the world!
i can't believe it's already been one whole year!
when joe & lindsay told me they were pregnant, i cried! i was so excited to be an aunt and i knew their baby would be amazing as they are both such incredible people.
as soon as ivy came in to the world she filled our lives with so much love! you can see it in her personality already! she is so fun, adorable and exciting. she's SO loved by everyone!
ivy is so lucky to have a mom&dad like joe and linds - they are the best and they are doing such an awesome job of being parents already. every time i see ives, i fall more and more in love with her!
she is a ray of sunshine and she most definitely always brightens my day.
so to my little cupcake, happy 1st birthday! i LOVE you so much.
(i will post photo's of her party soon too!)
but for now, just a few of the many cuteee photo's of ivy in her first year of life :


  1. Omg, she is the most darling baby ever!! My fave pic is the one in her jammies on the couch, Ivy is too funny!!

    1. she really is! awwww yes i love babies in jammies!!!!

  2. I know you know this already but she is actually the CUTEST baby ever. Ahhh, she is SO lucky to be in the Ross family. She has NO idea yet!!


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