September 21, 2012

friday night, staying in.

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happy friday ya'll!
it's been a long week & i am so ready for the weekend!this weekend i've got some fun stuff on the go, but i always have a lot of time to get some things done, and just kinda hangout & relax (stoked)
so, i must admit i am a bit of a party girl! lolz. i mean, i really love to go to parties and host parties and have a fun night out with friends! i especially love to host (eee!) but i also love staying in. they are both obviously good for so many reasons. tonight i am hangin' in and i am absolutely lovin' it! i ran some errands after work and now i am snuggled on the couch watching home alone, catching up on blogs and planning some upcoming posts for october! 

hope you enjoy your weekend, gorgeous!

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