September 16, 2012


life update!

so, things have been go-go-go since pete & i got back from europe, but things are slowing down (kinda) and i am looking forward to blogging & relaxing and enjoying autumn ♥
things to report :
+ my niece ivy turns 1 tomorrow (i can't believe it!) she is a ray of sunshine and has changed all of our lives. i am the most proud aunt ever and she makes me smile huge.
+ party weekend! this weekend was full of parties. yesterday was ivy's family party & then i went out for a co-workers birthday, today was ivy's picnic party in the park and my cousins birthday party!
+ NHL lockout (FML) those of you who are regular readers know how much i LOVE hockey. this season is not happening as of now due to the lockout, and not gonna lie...i'm crushed
+ fashion bloggin'!!! now that my party planning for my little ivy is done, i have so spare time to work on the fashion segment of my blog - i can't wait! :)
+ autumn! i know i'm not alone here, but i am in love with this season. can't wait for pumpkin spice lattes, reading, sweaters, scarves, cinnamon candles, cosy nights, pumpkin everything, thanksgiving.
+ my darling pal carly & i are finally going to be reunited! she is coming down for a weekend in october and i am so exciteddddddd to finally see her & snuggle
+ i need to get caught up on all of your blogs! if you're a new follow, please say hi!

hope you're all doing absolutely wonderful!


  1. Awwww! You and your cute posts! You niece is the cutest little girl too! I am a proud aunt as well so I know exactly how you feel. Hope your weekend is going wonderfully! <3

  2. Shit man, imagine if we went to a Leafs vs Habs game in Toronto? Damn lockout... haha.

    LET'S HANG OUT. What weekend is Carly coming down?? It's De's birthday the first weekend, then the next weekend it's Nat's & we're HOPEFULLY going away for the weekend to a cottage... but other than that I think I'm free in Oct? Haha. LET'S HANG OUT. Seriously. I'm going to Toronto on the 30th for that underground food market thing.


  4. Caaaarly in Toronto? ouuu ;)
    And I am so so so with you with pumpkin spice lattes and autumn, I'm loving it!



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