October 22, 2012

blurb event!

hi everyone!
busy day at work && then pete and i went to value village to get going on our halloween costumes. mine is coming together and i think it will be pretty good in the end! - more details soon :)

i am very excited about tomorrow because i've been invited to an event hosted by BLURB
it's a photo safari of the distillery district in toronto (one of my favourite places!)
we're going to learn more about photography as we are taken on a photo safari!
afterwards my boy will join me and there is going to be cocktails + apps while we talk books.

blurb is an amazing company who helps you create the most perfect book for any occasion. i first heard about blurb back in may @ blogpodium in toronto and have been constantly hearing about them ever since! i was lucky enough to host a giveaway by them a few months ago, and i am really looking forward to making a few blurb books very soon! (christmas is coming!)

i want to make a few different books :
one of all my cupcakes, one of jules & pete, and maybe one for my mom with all photo's of the family etc. i think they make the most awesome gifts!
i am super excited! i will be sure to share the details on the event soon!
hopefully i will learn a thing or two about photography too ♥


  1. Sounds fun! I keep meaning to check out the distillery district and haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe one day soon.

  2. I was supposed to go to this today but my shift got extended! Hope you guys had a blast :)


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