October 20, 2012

hair peace/bed peace.

today i did nothing.
oooh baby, it was amazing.
we were so john and yoko!
i had a long & very busy week at work, and am still under the weather not to mention the fact we ended up raging last night (guys night!)
i'm always a very busy person, i am always organized and have my days and weekends planned. i try my best to fit everyone and everything in, but sometimes i have to remember that it's nice to just relax and do nothing - and today, i did just that! i did wake up a bit early to do some work on my computer but i went back to bed, had a nice sleep in && then made pete and i breakfast in bed! we drank tea and watched soocer, while i blogged. we just snuggled all day and totally relaxed.
we finally got out and went for a walk, got food & a coffee.
we are back in our john & yoko spot and we just got netflix!
see ya never!


  1. These days are perfect every now and then <3

  2. Sounds perfect <3
    And I love that image :)


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