October 28, 2012


oh hi!
so my weekend hasn't been glamourous in any sense. it's been over 48 hours since i've been stuck inside & i am doing my berry best not to go insane. (it's not easy)
i've created a list of things to do during my 4-6 weeks of very minimal walking, here it is so far :
please comment if you have any ideas for me! or some fun websites, blogs, books etc for me!

-paint my nails
- work on my new blog design
- read books!!!
- do some online christmas shopping
- update my ipod with some new tunes
- email november sponsors
- write some letters
- plan carly's baby shower
- work on scrapbook for uncle al
- post giveaway winner
- choose a date for my christmas party
- work on my smash book
- do some arts & crafts
- upload the rest of our euro trip photo's to fb + do europe blog posts
- email // message 5 old friends
- play scrabble
- try some new dinner recipes
- clean out my old bedroom @ my moms
- create blog calender for november
- work on december instagram photo-a-day challenge
- research coffee makers (we want one for christmas!)
- force my friends to come visit me
- watch mad men
- work on writing my book


  1. That sounds like a pretty good list of things, though I'm sure it's not fun to be stuck inside. But with this weather...
    I had no idea you scrapbooked! I'm addicted, so if you ever want to have a crafty day and scrap while watching Mad Men or girlie movies, drop me a line! I even have odd weekdays off.
    Speedy recovery vibes for you!

  2. wow that's a lot of things to keep you busy!! i would recommend a book! How to win friends and influence people by dale carnegie. VERY good book :)

    andrea brionne

  3. Eeek I just read your last post! i hope you recover quickly! It sounds like you have plans to stay productive so I bet the 6 weeks will fly by

  4. Your blog is so cute!! I found it on accident but hopefully you don't care if I follow you. Haha I LOVE this list. I'll have to remember that... Keep up the great work :)



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