October 20, 2012

new york city christmas

So, I've been totally craving NYC lately!

I'm just legit going through withdrawals. It's been a while since Pete & I have been and I really hope we can go back some time soon(ish). As I was NYC dreamin' the other day, I thought about our last trip there which was absolutely amazing. Since I am a Christmas enthusiast (lolz) I have always dreamed of going to New York at Christmas time. Almost 2 years ago Pete & I had one of my favourite adventures in our time together :) 

We took the mega bus to New York for a weekend...and because of all the snow and bad weather our bus ride was something like 14 hours! When we finally made it there, it was magic! Our hotel was beautiful (gotta love travel agent rates!) and everything was so perfect and Christmasy. We did SO much in our one weekend there it was insane.

A huge highlight for us was going to SNL! to see our friend Vanessa who is a cast member. We got to see an amazing show, go backstage and then go to the exclusive after party with the cast!! Unreal night, we actually had the best time ever. Got to meet Seth Meyers, Jason Sudeikis and so many more!

Pete and I always have the best time together. I love that we always go on adventures and are trying and experiencing new things. Best ever ♥ - I was thinking of starting some new blog features and I think one will be "the adventures of P & J" because there are lots to report & will be lots more to come!


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  2. Ahh I wanna go back to NYC one day! Especially seeing all of these photos! Haha.

  3. I love the city! I wish I could be there all the time, but San Francisco every so often will have to do until I'm older. You are too cute!

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  4. Aww I'm jealous...I wanna go! ;) You should also come visit San Francisco at Christmas time...and me! ;)

  5. Ahhh it is my number one wish to go to NYC around Christmas time! :D X

  6. UGH! I LOVE everything about Christmas! Now I really really want to go there.


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