October 16, 2012

oh hi, cutie.

hello loves. ♥

just a little life update :) (in case you were totally stressing out because you didn't know what was happening with me! lolz)

+ i've been a little sicky the last few days, ugh. it has kind of opened up my eyes and reminded me to get back in my to healthy groove. pete & i did groceries last night and stocked up on all things fresh! 

+ there is still time to win a la sardina camera on my blog! contest closes friday! GET ON IT. all you have to do is comment ♥ ENTER THE GIVEAWAY RIGHT HERE(!!!)

+ one of my hockey heroes ron maclean tweeted at me on the weekend! omg, i died. he responded to my tweet, favourited it & retweeted it! hehehe ye!

+ got to see one of my favourite girls on the weekend! carly, i love you!

+ only 5 more pay cheques until christmas! haha, i know i sound crazy but time is flying by way too fast and i think i oughtta start budgeting for christmas! :)

+ i am extremely excited about a freelance job i am applying for which has to do with one of my favourite things in the world - the toronto maple leafs!

+ i've got some new lovely followers lately! please leave a comment & say hi! :)


  1. julie -
    RON MACLEAN!!!!! best ever. so happy for you!
    and i miss the NHL so much too...hopefully they will have a deal soon and get back to the ice!
    im reading ron's book right now just to fill the void.

    also - get better soon! it can be a nasty cold. lots of get better vibes sent your way.

    :) allison

    1. eeeeee! i was so excited. hahaha, i am such a nerd! aw that is awesome! i sooooo miss hockey a lot.

      i am starting to feel a lot better :) thank you!!!

  2. alright so i don't know who got who sick but i'm none to happy about it, lol. i'm home sick right now and i just cannot shake the body aches...obviously you're feeling better if you went grocery shopping yesterday. i've barely been able to get out of bed...slept 20 hours yesterday, oi! anyways, whoever's fault it was, it was lovely to spend time with you! no matter how weird of a day it was!

    love you.


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