November 18, 2012

kick off to christmas!

today was the toronto santa claus parade & it was THE BEST!
last night i slept over at my friend alan's place and we stayed up super late all giggling and having a blast, and then this morning we woke up and had a breakfast pot luck and got ourselves all christmasy! we got to watch the parade from his couch and set had a giant side that said 
"judges window" and we had signs that said "10" on them - we gave every who waved at us a 10!! it was SO cute! everyone was so excited and waving, cheering, blowing us kisses! we were dying for it.
we had a giant "we love you santa" sign and santa was waving at us and pointing and we were freaking out like 5 year olds. best day ever! i am officially infused with christmas cheer!

can't wait to share so many fun filled christmas posts of joy!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! What a perfect weekend. :) Christmas is getting closer!!

  2. I want to see a Santa Claus parade! Yay for Christmas time :)

  3. Woo , sounds like you had great fun!!


  4. Ahh! I'm so jealous. I'm researching local Christmas festivities as we speak.


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