November 3, 2012

oh, life!

oh hello there, && happy saturday to all of you!
just wanted to do a little life update since i feel like i haven't done one in a while
  • it's been one week [actually 8 days] since i broke my navicular bone and have been sporting a cast on my foot. i'm going to be honest with you, the first 3 or 4 days were really tough. i was in a lot of pain and feeling really depressed and not myself AT ALL. however, it's feeling SO much better, the pain is mostly gone i am extremely optimistic and hopeful that i won't need to wear it for the full six weeks.
  • christmas time is officially here in toronto. it honestly does start earlier & earlier each year! i haven't got in full julie ross christmas mode yet, but it won't be too long! when i walked in to starbucks yesterday and saw how christmasy is was, i honestly got giddy! omfg, peppermint mochas are back!
  • i started my christmas shopping! i've got some little things and have been doing some online shopping (way easier on the foot, heehee)
  • i'm getting a blog makeover! the lovely lauren from the perfect pear blog design is doing it for me and i am so excited. there are a lot of new features and things that have become part of my blog in the last year and i want to make sure this blog truly reflects me & my message!
  • i've got some new november sponsor cuties! take a look & i will post more about them soon.
  • tonight my babez are coming over for a wine & cheese night and i am so excited to see them :)
  • i've got so much to look forward to, but to name a few >> relaxing this weekend, crafting & getting things done, shopping day next friday with my mom, friends from the cruise ship visiting next weekend, the santa claus parade, planning my bffs baby shower, some cupcake orders!, the one of a kind christmas show, girls night and well just the fact that christmas time is quicky approaching and really...there is nothing in the world that makes me happier!
hope all is well with you wonderful darlin's! i am excited to catch up on your blogs this weekend :)


  1. Jules, you are just too awesome for words! I totally admire you for being so optimistic when you could easily be so sad. I'm keeping you in my prayers and when walking through the Hobby Lobby Christmas section, I think of you! :) Hope you had fun this weekend!!

    1. thank you cutie pie! you're so sweet. i think i am on my way to good health!
      omg we don't have hobby lobby in canada but i always see people post about it, sooo jealous! hehehe

  2. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.
    I've broken my leg before and it was awful. I couldn't walk properly for more than six weeks.

    Can't wait to see the new changes. ♥

    1. thanks abigail! oh man! it's the worst! but i am glad i'm alive! hehe.

      yesss, i am so excited about the changes too!

  3. So happy you are doing better!!!
    I'm so excited for Christmas too. I keep trying to start getting some things out decoration wise and then get yelled at by everyone that its too early hahahaha :( :( womp womp.
    Can't wait to see the new blogy design!

    1. thank you darlin' !!!! omg yes it issss so early but it's so hard not to get in to it because CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST THING EVER. lolz.
      eeee, samezies!


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