November 25, 2012

one month!

happy sunday!
GUYS, can you even believe it's only one month 'till christmas?! i can't believe it. this always happens! it really just creeps up and is here before we know it!
i had THE busiest week ever at work, and then on the weekend i sorta went unplugged and went to my moms! had a cupcake order and then hosted a baby shower for my bff today. it was so wonderful to see  everyone :) (and so many of their babies!!)
so this week i NEED to get organized :
  • i've got 4 christmas packages that need to be sent overseas and i gotta get em out SOON!
  • also, all my instagrammers - i am doing a christmas photo-a-day challenge
  • this friday is our christmas party at work (which i am planning!) lots of late nights at the office this week, for suuure!
  • finish decorating our place! (gettin' our tree this weekend!)
  • make my annual christmas time to-do-list
hope you're all well and had an amazing weekend! i am so happy to be relaxing with my boy (haven't got to see him all weeeeek/weekend) we've got baileys (with candycanes!!) and we're about to watch that 70's show christmas episodes!!! BEST everrrrrrrrr.

life, i love you!


  1. That tree is a dream! I have a couple cupcake ornaments on mine!

    xx Cait

  2. Love that tree! It must be exciting planning your office party- it would be a great reason to stay late! :)

  3. Love your photo-a-day challenges! And you and that tree are both oh so adorable!

  4. This tree is yummy :D I guess I should also start a photo-challenge now :D


  5. Oh my god what an adorable christmas tree - and UGh it's creeping up so fast, which is exciting but daunting because there's so much to do! I'm so happy I started working on my christmas shopping already!


  6. Christmas photo a day??? I'm in! that photo of you is adorable, by the way :)

  7. Mmm bailey's and candy canes?!? Can I come over?! ;)

    Good luck with everything!

  8. I loved this post. We must be long lost friends because you seem to love Christmas as much as I do!!

  9. Reading your blog makes me so excited for Christmas! :D X


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