November 10, 2012

saturday confession.

hi my little cutiekins!
happy saturdayyyyyyyyy!
i feel so refreshed :) - i took a lieu day yesterday and had a shopping day with my mom, and it was totally wonderful. we went to a big ashley warehouse sale and i got some great stuff! i feel good about how much christmas shopping i've done so far. i got pete some amazing stocking stuffers! i also got some adorable little hostess gifts that i will work on soon, and of course lots of christmas decor!

now, i must admit. even though i am IN LOVE with christmas, i don't agree that it should start on like october 20th like most retailers. with that being said, usually my official kick of of christmas is the weekend of the toronto santa claus parade! (which is next weekend : november 18th!) that marks 5 weeks until christmas! and honestly, the season flies by SO fast that i need to get as much joy + cheer in as possible. so my confession is, i started a bit early this year! i couldn't help it! i can't go in to a store that is all decked out in christmas and NOT get excited. i will be in full christmas mode next weekend but for now, i am just starting to get VERY excited!

also, the photo i posted above? eee! my pal mel (smiles from mel) took it last year at the bay christmas displays! i am so in love with it, it makes me so happpppppy!


  1. I love Christmas time as well, I'm super excited but I'm trying to limit myself too until its closer to the season.

  2. Christmas is always lovely. I have to shop a lot for Christmas , OMG it's coming near :D
    This picture is so lovely :)


  3. Hey there! Just discovered your blog, you have a new follower ;) I've also already started christmas shopping, gotta beat those crazy crowds here in the US. Not to mention there's really only about a month and half left!


  4. I love the photo. So adorable!!

  5. I feel the exact same way! I want to get as much warm, cheery, Christmas spirit in as possible before it's all over! Your blog is adorable by the way!

  6. I think I'm going to put up my Christmas tree tomorrow. We always go to our hometown for Christmas and haven't had one for our apartment until today. I'm so excited to decorate it!
    I swear it took an hour in Michael's today to decide what colours to go with. Thanks for the shout out for the pic!
    Have a great week!

  7. Eee I love how much you love christmas! I've been totally going through as many etsy stores I can to get ideas for gifts - I REALLY want to give handmade/locally made gifts this year and support some artists! But boooy is it tough to find something appropriate for each person! So far I have a single bar of handmade soap for my mother lol.

    UGH I TOTALLY want to force my friends into coming to the santa claus parade with me! I used to go every year when I was little, then make a trip to a toys r us after. and now I just haven't in YEARS.


  8. That's a really cute picture :) And I am SO excited for Christmas!!


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