December 23, 2012


so, oh my goshhhh!
i've got the cutest, sweetest boyfriend ever who just made all my baking dreams come true!
for the last 6 years or so that i've been really baking cupcakes, i have only dreamed about a mixer so perfect. i've had several shitty hand mixers and could never afford this beauty...
pete knew this was the colour i dreamed about, and on saturday it became mine!
i am so lucky, not just because of the gift but because i have someone to makes me smile not only at christmas, but all year! :)

christmas has already been the bessssst & it's not even here yet!
spent the weekend doing christmas things, get togethers, dinners, gifts etc...
tomorrow is christmas eve! can't believe it.

my day will be spent :
baking tons of christmas goodies, wrapping gifts, watching christmas movies, spreading holiday cheer!

i will be back tomorrow or on CHRISTMAS!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)