December 16, 2012

christmas is in 9 days.

happy sunday! ♥

so, i know i said i was going to do a 12 days of christmas lists, but to be honest - i don't have a spare second these days! my days are long at work, and when i am not working i am spending time with pete, friends and family, going to christmas parties and gatherings, hosting, baking, shopping, wrapping, writing out cards etc!

so, if i have time to post some more lists before christmas - i most definitely will! but i will be taking a bit of a blogging break until after christmas. i can't wait for a new year to start, and to get organized, make some new goals and get inspired.

i will post before christmas for sure! but right now life is way too busy and blogging isn't something i can fit in the my little miss christmas schedule right now:)

enjoy the next week & a half! christmas always comes and goes way too soon!


  1. I can't believe Christmas is so soon, it's insane!



you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)