December 6, 2012

christmas to-do's!

oh hi there!
so, are you sick of all the christmas posts yet? well sorry to break it to you but we have 19 more days of this! :) hehe. i feel like i've really neglected my blog lately and for that i am sorry dolls!
work has been very busy and taking up most of my time, and when i am not working, i have plans or am doing some sort of christmas time activity (obvs)
every year i post a list of "christmas to-do's" on my blog! i am a little late on this one!

- watch all of my christmas movies/specials
- attend every christmas party i get invited to
- mail christmas cards to friends all around the world
- send care packages to friends and family!
- send cute packages to blogger friends
- share some christmas traditions on the blog
- host an amazing christmas party
- blog about all the details of my party!
- have a christmas baking day :)
- give a christmas card to every single one of my co-workers!
- make some christmas crafts (+ blog about them if i'm organized enough!)
 - create an instagram christmas photo-a-day
- post a christmas VLOG
- watch our christmas 1991 DVD ♥
- meet an old friend for a delicious christmas beverage
- bring cupcakes to my local baristas
- think of a christmas blog feature to post on the blog
- think of some fun activities for christmas day with the fam
- call some old friends a share a great conversation
- snuggle, cuddle, & giggle (every day if possible)
- do my best to spread christmas spirit every day!!!
- make some homemade christmas gifts!
- try not to go over board and spoil everyone i know (YEAH RIGHT!!!)

anyone else have a christmas to-do list?!


  1. julie, that is one christmas crazy busy, filled, list of fun! i look forward to you sharing your progress. you are extremely ambitious. i'm sure you'll do it all, being as this is your fave holiday. :)

  2. I'm going crazy with christmas posts too! I get excited everytime I see a blogger has posted a christmas post!

  3. I love your Christmas posts! , I wish I was as creative as you <3

  4. I LOVE these posts! Don't ever stop!!! You are a busy girl for the month of December wow!

    One thing is for sure, you definitely spread the Christmas spirit! Thank you!!! xoxox

  5. That's a lot of christmas activity! Awesome list though :) xo


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