January 22, 2013


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so i am just going to go out there & say it...
today was the WORST.

you know how some days everything just goes wrong? that was my day [for the most part]
i thought about this book and i am naming today 
"jules and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day"

the day started off with me not being able to find anything to wear. this happens sometimes (even though i own about a billion dresses) nothing looked good, i felt like crap and i tried on like 20 things. hmph. also, it was about -15 today in toronto (not helping matters) // next thing-
it was too cold to walk to work so i was heading to go get the street car when i bailed and fell in the middle of the street. freezing. cold. soaked. UGH! not too long after i spilt coffee all over myself, and in my hair. one other shitty thing happened later that i won't mention on here, but needless to say there were parts of today that REALLY SUCKED!

more importantly, i will focus on the positives as i always do :
- pete sent me a super cute email that was waiting for me when i got to work since he knew i was having a rough morning. [whatta guy]
- my friend matt from work surprised me with 2 free movie passes since i didn't win leaf tickets!
- me & my marketing babes had the funniest time creating a list for something upcoming for work! so many giggles and i love them so very much
- started re-vamping my culture board at work! excited to get creative with it & spice things up!
- got to have dinner with my babe, and now i am snuggled up in a blanket // relaxing

in the end the positives really out weigh the negatives. pretty much every day, &i am thankful for that. how was YOUR day? 


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