February 4, 2013

make goals.

oh hi, it's you again monday -
i had a totally wonderful weekend filled with so many amazing memories.
today i was off (hooray!) i had such a housewife day & it ruled.
baked cupcakes for pete's co-workers // cleaned our place // cooked dinner // made dessert

so i am few days late on posting these goals, & it's been a few months since i posted some monthly goals, so i am back at it again. getting inspired!
[ february goals for jules ]

- try 3 new recipes
- post a d.i.y + a recipe on the blog
- make time to read before bed!
- create a media kit
- make a gym playlist
- register for fitness classes // hit the gym
- make homemade valentine's
- sent LOVE packages to my cutie pen pals
- bring my lunch to work at least days a week
- don't buy a notebook (lololol)
- post a VLOG!

what are your february goals? :)


  1. Awesome goals! I think I might have to add to my goals list now... :)
    I just love pen pals, don't you? I haven't swapped in what seems like forever!


  2. What a productive day. I love the idea of setting monthly goals.

  3. julie - you crack me up!
    *don't buy a notebook* !!! hilarious.
    2013 is going to be a good year, yes?!

  4. don't buy a notebook! hahahaha
    oh gosh I don't think I can do that!

  5. Great list. I havent made my February goal list yet.

  6. I'm forever finding cute notebooks that I must buy and I still never use them. Could never do that one x


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