February 24, 2013

sunday, and life.

i had a really really great weekend!
i mean, most weekends are really great, but this one especially.
friday we babysat ivy (see post below for cuteness) and she just made me so happy!
yesterday we cleaned our whole place and it looks so lovely, feels so good. we also headed to the market to get some flowers, veggies, bread & cheese! mmm. our friends chantal &steve came to visit and we had mojito's & giggles and then headed to the acc to watch the leaf game on the big screen, heart breaker! pete won a leaf jersey though!!! after the game we went out for drinks and decided we are going to go on a road trip to chicago with chantal & steve at the end of summer! we're SO excited and talked about it all night! we've wanted to go for so long! more on that soon :)

&& now, a currently posts (thanks to nat from modern buttercup)


nothing exciting, because we are waiting for the OSCARS to start! red carpet in t-mins 30 minutes. i die for award shows (anyone else going to be watching tonight?)

extremely loud and incredibly close! but i have been so busy i haven't had much time to read it. pssst, thanks to the lovely kate for sending it to me.

cupcakes! just made some for my bosses birthday which is tomorrow!

mason jars, they are EVERYWHERE in our place. haha:)

thinking about:
adventures (always) i think we find out tomorrow if we are going to paris or not! fingers crossed

excited about:

finally getting to meet by bffs baby avery! she was up all night last night so we didn't get to go. can't wait to meet her and give her a million kisses!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)