February 26, 2013

we're taking a stand! anti-bullying.

Oh Hi Gorgeous!
So, I really need to post about something VERY near & dear to my heart.
My work S-Trip! is working on something so amazing! We are doing an anti-bullying campaign! I am so beyond excited and honoured to be a part of this. Bullying has always been something that has so negatively affected my life. I've been bullied as most have, but the idea that this is getting so much worse is absolutely heart breaking. I don't know if we can put a stop to it once and for all, but darnit we'll try.

Because a big part of my job is culture based, I work closely with any events or big things happening in the office [BEST ever!] Right now, we are working with our interns on creating an anti-bullying campaign that S-Trip! will execute. I am already so proud of everyone involved!

Last week, we had the honour of meeting with Chris from GET REAL which is a not for profit organization that was started by 4 university of western students. They focus on homophobia as well as bullying. They have a growing team of volunteers who want to help put a stop to bullying and homophobia, which is something extremely important to me. We are looking at partnering with them and to help spread anti-bullying awareness to the passengers on our trips! We have the ability to reach thousands and thousands of teenagers across Canada and really make a difference.

I am giddy with excitement. I hope we can make a difference! I hope we can inspire others to!

So, tomorrow is anti-bullying day // pink t-shirt day! WEAR PINK & take a stand with us

tomorrow I am taking a stand! & you should too!

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The hashtag we are using for this is #TakeaStand

here are a few of the cute graphics that my work bestie made! :

Please watch our anti-bullying video :) It's so cute & I love the people in this video very much!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)