February 5, 2013

your new favourite snack!

why hello there!
tonight i wanted to share one of my new favourite appetizers!
they are so delicious & easy peasy to make.

i love to be a hostess, so i always enjoy finding new little snackies to try to make for my guests :)
i made these for a pot luck at christmas time, and then made them for pete & i's new years eve together.
here's what you'll need :
// a fresh loaf of ciabatta bread
// fig spread or figs!
// goat cheese
// walnut
// fresh black pepper

to make these beauties -
slice the loaf of bread in to pieces, spread the fig on each piece, chop & crumble goat cheese on top of each one, chop up some walnuts and place on each. sprinkle some pepper on top! see? just like that. mmm!

i served them with some yummy green olives, genoa spicy salami, and some other cheeses.

where do you find your favourite recipes? i am looking for some new ones to try!


  1. Ooooh recipes! Look at you, little foodie blogging :)


  2. Yum! Goat cheese and fig is my absolute favorite flavor combination! I love to do something similar and just add a bit of ham to make a dreamy sandwich.

  3. oooh, I need to try these! They look divine!


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