March 10, 2013

my favourite couple of all time.

paul & linda mccartney are my favourite couple ever.
(other than my mom & dad and pete & i, of course! hehehe)

as a huge beatle lover, i've read quite a few books on the beatles. the last one i read was called "fab" and it was all about paul. i loved reading about paul and linda. they were the sweetest, most perfect couple. they were married for 29 years, and then linda died of cancer. reading interviews and hearing quotes from paul about linda's death were both beautiful and heart breaking.

in their 29 days of marriage, they only spent 11 days apart. how sweet is that? the best part is that those days were when paul got busted for possession of pot in japan!

paul & linda were so in love. their love grew every year, that is so inspiring to me! i am so excited to fall more in love with pete over the years and grow old together.

paul said, "Any love song I write, is written for Linda." 
paul & linda forever!


  1. I always think its really sad she died as he's ended up so unlucky in love. As you said they were such an inspiring couple.

    1. i agree, the saddest. and you're so right! no one could ever compare to her!

  2. I loved this post. I love how real they look. They don't look like any of the celebrity couples today, just like people in love. Thank you for sharing this! I loved that quote by Paul, so sweet.

  3. Great photo selection ...where did you find them?


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