March 21, 2013

well hello.

hey guys,

i'm alive! this is probably the longest i've got without blogging for a few years!

it feels good to be honest! of course i love blogging and am excited to get back in to it, but it's nice to just take a break when you simply do not have time to put in the effort and love that you want to go in to your blog.

thanks to anyone who commented on my post below about my slump. your kind words and encouragement definitely inspire to keep on bloggin'

i'm hoping to find some time to do some blog brainstorming over the weekend because i miss it!

i hope you are all doing wonderful & can't wait to give you some blog cuteness soon.



  1. It really is nice to have a break for blogging every once and a while and come back with fresh ideas. Looking forward to what becomes of your blog brainstorming!


  2. Take all the time you need! Although I can't wait for you to be back!


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