April 6, 2013

target canada!

well guys, after all these years of drooling over the one & only target...
canada is finally getting some love!
i've loved target for so long! every time we'd go shopping in the states, or on vacation i would go to target & be so happy! i see my fellow bloggers acquire the CUTEST stuff there and always thought "i wish we had target in canada" well, we finally do! i don't expect it to be the exact same, or quite as amazing, BUT...today is the day i will find out!
pete & i are heading to a target in toronto & hopefully i can report back that it was everything i'd hoped it would be and more :) hehehe! hooray! happy saturday! & happy shopping!


  1. Target is great, I'm actually giving away a 20$ Target Gift Card Raffle on my blog you should check it out, God Luck


  2. That's so exciting for you!!! Just be warned, you will become addicted, I go to target probably one or twice a week :)

  3. I can't tell you how excited I am that we're getting Target in Newfoundland! EEEK!

  4. I just got home from an epic Target haul! I've never been to the ones in America, but a coworker tells me that so far, the ones in Toronto are really similar to the American stores. I think they'll be even better after they've been open for awhile and are fully stocked, right now the stock is a little bit thin, at least at the one near me.

  5. Please do tell! I love Target so much and will definitely visit the new Toronto one if you say its amazing!


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