May 8, 2013

maximize your life!

So, this couldn't of come at a better time! I recently got an email telling me about Jillian Michael's "Maximize Your Life" tour. I've been talking about wanting to make some changes in my life in regards to health, fitness and just overall well being in the last while. This is going to be the PERFECT kick start! Since I go to Paris next week and plan to indulge in a lottt of red wine, cheese, bread and coffee - I figure I should probably wait until I get back to really commit.

When I read more about this tour, and what it's all about, of course I was excited to go!
"A unique live experience sharing her keys to health, success and happiness"

The tour is coming to Toronto the day after I get home from Paris! Seems like the perfect time to get my ass in gear. Annnd, something tells me that Jillian is the perfect one to do just that! :)

To find out more information or purchase tickets for the Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life Tour, check out the following link:

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  1. I have one of her yoga dvds and dang, it's tough!


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