May 13, 2013

Off to Paris I go!

[ xo ]

Hello, Beautiful!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Tonight I am heading to Paris! Words cannot express how excited I am. I will arrive 9:30am tomorrow (Paris time) a driver is picking me up at the airport and then taking me to Pete! I can't wait to see him. I know we will have an amazing time, and I can assure you all that there will be A LOT of Paris blog posts once I'm home. Have a great week and please pop by my blog to see some guest posts! :)


Also, today is a sad day. On this day 13 years ago I lost my Dad. I still think about him every single day and miss him so much. He's made me who I am today, and I will live life in a happy and positive way forever in his honour. He is still such a huge and special part of my life.
Today and always I miss him with all my heart. Daddy's girl forever.

So long my loves! Have an amazing week.


  1. Have an awesome time in Paris! Looking forward to reading all about your adventures!


  2. Have an amazing time, gorgeous!

  3. Have fun!! Can't wait to see pictures on your blog. I love Paris. ;)

    -Jenn V.


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