June 16, 2013

remember, remember.

It's Fathers Day, and so I am thinking of my amazing Dad and how much I miss him.
Although I still think about him every day, days like today are still tough for me after 11 years without him here to celebrate Father's Day. This morning I looked through some old photo's and thought of my sweetest memories of him. This photo above is one of my absolute favourites. This is me, my 2 brothers and my Dad on Fathers day. (I made him that tie!) This is just really how I remember him, that big smile and nothing but positive memories. This morning my brother texted me to say "Remembering the best Dad ever today" and it's absolutely true. We will always remember.
I am forever thankful for the love he has given me and my family, and i will continue to live my life with a smile on my face and nothing but love to give.

I hope everyone enjoys their day and celebrates their Dad!

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you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)