August 6, 2013

28 before 29 re-cap...

// um guys, my birthday is in 10 days! gotta crush a bunch more before then!

i have completed 12 things from my birthday bucket list! i felt like i was doing pretty good there for a while but then life happened again. i think i can def get these ones down before august 16th! ; # 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 17, 20, 23

anyone have some current goals going on?

1. go see the pandas @ the toronto zoo
2. plan a trip to chicago 
3. start my new crafty adventure
4. do a "photo an hour" + blog it  >> did it! 
5. get a new tattoo 
6. have a picnic in the park
7. GO TO PARIS! ♥ >> went there! best ever. check out my 10 fave things to do in paris!
8. host a "pizza party"
9. make my own buttons
10. do a photoshoot of my babe
11. make lemonade cocktails >> they were delicious!
12. re-vamp our patio >> it's lookin' good but could be better.
13. start ad space on my blog
14. go get shakes at a diner
15. start an "adventure book"
16. have a drew barrymore marathon >> did it and it was THE best!
17. have pete guest post on my blog!
18. make a new friend >> made a few in fact!
19. lose 10 pounds >> this happened! let's go for 10 more!
20. make a frittata/quiche
21. go to the jazz festival
22. host a pool party >> had one! yeyeye!
23. plan a toronto blogfriend hangout!
24. buy rollerskates
25. take my first street style photo for my blog >> took this but need to do the post!
26. make cute new business cards
27. get drunk & go to karaoke!  >> went with 2 of the most awesome girls.
28. start my "good deed a day" book >> crushin' it.

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