September 19, 2013

birthday's are the best.

This past weekend was my niece Ivy's 2nd birthday party! 

Oooh, yes. I love me some birthday party, or any kind of party for that reason! My niece is actually the cutest little girl in the whole world. She gets cuter and cuter every time I get the pleasure to see her. Now that she's talking up a storm she is even more fun than ever before!

The party was the morning after my friend Sarah's wedding, so I didn't get to craft as much as I did last year and as I would of liked. I did make a few fun things for her big day though. My sis-in-law did such a great job with the pizza party for Ivy's 2nd birthday.

It was amazing watching Ivy hangout with her friends, play with play-do, eat cupcakes, make a pizza and be the cutest babygirl in the world.

Here are a few of my favourite photo's from Ivy's party! ;

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