September 29, 2013

coffee, i love you

So, apparently today is "International Coffee Day" // I don't know who decides these things or how they happen, but this one in particular is one I want to celebrate.

I don't know the exact moment we fell in love, but it's been a few years that I've fallen hardddd for coffee. It just makes me so happy! Not only is it delicious, but it brings people together. I going for coffee with friends, I love surprising a friend with a coffee, and I love that something as simple as a cup of coffee can bring two old friends together.

This photo is one of my favourite coffee memories. While in Europe last Summer, Pete and I drank so much delicious coffee. This particular coffee was on my birthday in Amsterdam, with my boy, my dutch bestie Sjarde and her boyfriend Jonas. How awesome is that back drop? Perfection!

I am currently sitting in this adorable little cafe by our place, drinking a giant chai latte while they play nothing but The Beatles. Talk about the best way to spend my Sunday//Internation Coffee Day! We had a wonderful wedding last night with some of my bestest best friends from highschool. Needless to say, Pete and I were feeling pretty rough today! Got to just spend our day hanging out and relaxing, just lovely.

Hope everyone had a fab weekend!


  1. I spend all of sunday stuck in a car in traffic. (I DID have coffee though!! haha!) Which sucked. But I had an amazing weekend! My sister, cousin and some friends did tough mudder up in Barrie this weekend. They are insane. Hope you had the best weekend Jules!

    1. hahaha awwwww. that sounds like an awesome weekend girly

  2. Me too...that's why I named my blog "Self Love in a Latte," because coffee/lattes bring such warmth & happiness to each one of us! <3 Great Lil Post! XO


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