November 19, 2013

5 awesome places to shop for christmas gifts in toronto!

Toronto! ♥
As you guys know, I love my city so much! But unfortunately there's been some negative things happening involving our mayor. He sucks and I don't want to talk about it, but what I do want to talk about is some of my favourite little places to shop around the city! 
Christmas-is-a-comin' and why not take advantage of staying out of busy malls, and visit cute little shops instead? You're welcomeeeeee!
Here are a few of my favourite places to shop for Christmas gifts in the city.

If you're not from Toronto, NBD! You can purchase items from all of these shops online!

Kid Icarus! []
//205 Augusta Avenue, Kensington Market
This place though! I absolutely love this store in every possible way. So much that when Pete and I were in Kensington this past Friday night I dragged him over to just look in the window! They have the cutest, most beautiful paper goods, posters, cards, craft supplies, housewares, jewellery and just all the cutest things. You can also take classes there, and get custom stamps and other goodies made as well! I need to head here soon so I can ask Santa for all sorts of goodies.
Skate 4 Cancer Shop! [ ]
// 1101 Queen Street West
I have a personal love for this store. Rob Dyer, who is the most amazing human alive, is the founder of S4C and has done so much for cancer research, raising awareness and is always making Torontonians proud. He never ceases to amaze me with his new S4C adventures and I am always so excited to see what will come next. There are so many amazing things in the shop and you should most definitely check them out! DREAM. LOVE. CURE!
Bookhou! [ ]
// 798 Dundas Street West
I first fell in love with Bookhou this past Summer when I saw their little stand on pedestrian Sunday. I was instantly drawn to their beautiful bags and pouches. I kept eyeing one purse specifically and just had to make it mine. Since then I have started following Bookhou on social media and dreaming about what piece I will get next! They are so sweet and beyond talented. All of their items are made by them and they just keep blowing my mind with every update. Check them out, you will not regret it!
Anice! [ ]
// 167 Augusta Avenue, Kensington Market
Britt, who is the founder and beautiful soul behind Anice! She creates the most beautiful jewellery out of old and new treasures. Britt is a pal of mine and she constantly blows me away with her amazing pieces. I am lucky enough to own some of her one-of-a-kind pieces and they are my favourite jewellery items I own! Pete went to see Britt last Valentine's day to create the perfect necklace for me, and Britt also took my Dad's wedding band and created the most beautiful heart shaped pendant for me. Everything she makes is made with such love and I just adore her. Check out her gorgeous stuff!
Drake General Store! [ ]
// 1144 Queen Street West + 2607 Yonge Street 
Oh how I adore the Drake General Store, so much that I just made a rhyme. This store is perfect for a lover of cute, vintage, knick knacks, and especially all things Canadian. If you're looking for a Canadian souvenir or gift, this place is where you'd get something adorable and meaningful. I walk in to this store and instantly find tons of things I would LOVE in our place. Great for getting sweet little gifts, and something different and exciting for someone you love.  I constantly swoon over DGS!
Happy Shopping!


  1. Please excuse me while I now go broke *___*

  2. Oh yeah, writing all these places down for next Christmas. I can't stand giant malls!

  3. This is a great post! If I make it to Toronto again I'll have to check out your recommendations!! Also, I love that I stumbled upon another Canadian Blogger (thanks to Katie & Amanda's blog).



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