November 6, 2013

christmas is-a-comin'

it's no secret that i am in love with christmas, it's a huge part of who i am and just thinking about christmas literally makes me beam with excitement! every year as summer comes to a close and christmas slowly starts getting closer and closer, i start getting really excited at the thought of it being christmas time again. i get pumped as soon as i start seeing the christmas things arrive everywhere, but for me the official kick off is the toronto santa claus parade - for the past few years me and some of my bestest pals have got together, made a big breakfast and then watched the parade from my friends living room window, it's pure magic and one of my favourite days of the year.

i am so ready to start getting in the spirit, and with that - sharing some blog posts that are christmas related! what kind of christmasy posts would you like to see me post about?
looking forward to some fun & festive posts soon!


  1. definitely do a post about movies and songs! I plan on doing that too, but I'm always on a hunt for new great ones, as I'm crazy for christmas too! :d

  2. I neeeeed to book off the parade this year. Like I just HAVE to go. So magical. I'm so excited! I was in Toronto yesterday and everywhere in the Eaton Centre was starting to put up the Christmas decorations. So exciting.

  3. PS - Christmas everything posts ;). All Christmas Posts. All the time ;) ;)

  4. Christmas makes me really happy too! I've already started in on the Christmas movies, much to my husband's dismay!


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